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Whistleblowers bring lawsuit against security firm that protects Portsmouth Naval Shipyard

The Maine Employee Rights Group is currently representing two whistleblowers in a lawsuit against Alutiiq, LLC and some related companies (collectively referred to here as Alutiiq). Alutiiq entered into a contract with the Navy and began to provide security services at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (PNSY) in 2009. Shortly after, Alutiiq employees Craig Manfield and Janice Hendricks, the two whistleblowers who have brought this lawsuit, began to oppose Alutiiq’s unlawful activity.

Among other things, Mr. Manfield opposed Alutiiq’s attempts to bring firearms and ammunition onto PNSY grounds without proper authorization. He later complained about the fact that Alutiiq armed security guards with ammunition that was not as lethal as the Navy contract required. He also complained about shoddy gear which negatively impacted the safety of him and his co-workers.

Ms. Hendricks, among other things, opposed Alutiiq’s failure to pay employees for overtime they worked. Ms. Hendricks, a gay woman, also experienced discrimination because of her sex and/or sexual orientation. She reported this discrimination to the company as well.

Due to their opposition to Alutiiq’s unlawful activity, and in Ms. Hendricks’ case her sex and/or sexual orientation, Alutiiq took adverse actions against them. Among other discriminatory and retaliatory acts, Alutiiq fired Mr. Manfield and disciplined Ms. Hendricks for illegitimate reasons.

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