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Mass. Judge found to have discriminated against female applicant

The Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) has found that Robert Mulligan, the state’s chief justice for administration and management, refused to promote Jane McSweeney to the position of operations and maintenance supervisor with the Plymouth District Court because of her sex. MCAD believed that Mulligan made the decision based on stereotypes about female managers. A three-member hiring panel for the state’s trial court system determined that McSweeney was the top candidate for the job. Mulligan rejected that determination and, instead, hired a man who was third on the hiring panel’s list. MCAD awarded McSweeney $206,527.36 to compensate her for damages she suffered due to Mulligan’s discrimination.

It is not uncommon for women to run into “glass ceilings” when they attempt to gain promotions. If you are a woman and you believe you have run into a glass ceiling at work due to your sex, you should contact an experienced employment lawyer to discuss your rights.

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