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Newspaper Reporter in Maine Fired for Anti-Gay Marriage Email

According to various news sources, the Morning Sentinel, a newspaper in Waterville, Maine, fired reporter Larry Grard on November 10, 2009. Mr. Grard claims that the Morning Sentinel fired him because he sent an email to the Human Rights Campaign. He sent the email just after Maine voters repealed Maine’s same sex marriage law. In his email, he accused the Human Rights Campaign of being “hateful” and “venom-spewing.” Mr. Grard believes that the Morning Sentinel discriminated against him because of his conservative political beliefs. Mr. Grard’s union has filed a grievance challenging his termination.

Mainers should know that, if Mr. Grard was not in a union, he would have no claim for wrongful termination. In Maine, it is not illegal for a private employer to discriminate against someone because of their political beliefs. If you think that is wrong, you should contact your representatives in the Maine legislature.

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