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Is your employer paying you what the law requires?

Many Mainers take for granted that their employers pay them at least minimum wage or time-and-a-half for overtime. However, for low-wage workers in particular, that is something no one should take for granted. In a recent study of low-wage workers around the U.S., the authors of the study found that employers routinely violate the rights of low-wage workers. Over 25% of the workers they surveyed were paid less than the minimum wage. Over 75% of the workers surveyed who worked over 40 hours per week were not paid overtime. These violations were not trivial or near the margins, either. 60% of the workers paid less than minimum wage were underpaid by $1 or more per hour. The average worker whose employer failed to fully pay him for overtime hours worked 11 hours of overtime per week.

These findings should shock you. If you believe your employer is not paying you at least minimum wage. Or you believe it is failing to fully compensate you for overtime work. You should contact an experienced employment lawyer who can advise you on what to do.

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