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California AG secures $1 million settlement with car washes for violation of employee rights

Today, the California Attorney General’s office settled an ongoing lawsuit against a group of car washes for more than $1,000,000. According to the California AG, the case arose because investigators found the car washes denied employees minimum wage and overtime, failed to pay wages to employees who quit or were terminated, and denied employees rest and meal breaks. Investigators also found that the car washes created false employee time records.

“Workers at these car washes were taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers who illegally denied them the pay and benefits they earned,” said California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris. “The resolution of this case will allow workers to receive the pay they are owed.”

Like California, Maine has laws that entitle employees to minimum wages, overtime pay, rest breaks, and payment of unpaid wages when the employee resigns or is terminated. If you believe your employer is violating your right to any of these things, you should contact an experienced employment lawyer to discuss whether you have a viable claim.

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